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Join our safe space and community for people to come together, share ritual, and do magic in the Modern Cunning Tradition!

What you Get by Enrolling

Monthly Lessons

Each month you will get a Monthly Magic lesson taught through the lens of the energy for the Zodiac season that includes Magic, Spell Work, Herbal Medicine Making & Recipes, Movement Exercises, Mindfulness Exercises, Moon Energies, & Astroweather (and more!)

Monthly New & Full Moon Rituals

Join us Online & live for our Monthly Rituals that will be focused on the Lunar Phases and Energy of the Month.

Quarterly Rituals

Live Online quarterly Rituals to celebrate the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, & Winter Solstice!

Specialty Workshops & Expert Guest Instruction

Members get access to exclusive workshops with practitioners of Folk Magic, Divination, and other topics from other traditions, countries and lineages.

Virtual Book Club Lists & Live Calls

Members get access to our Exclusive Book Club and live calls.

Access to Expanding Library & Curriculum

Get access to the ever expanding online Spell Book that contains Astrological, Magical, and Herbal References, Tarot Spreads & More!

Private Forums & Community

Be a part of an EXCLUSIVE  private community OFF of Social Media. Connect with fellow members, ask questions, and offer support via our forum or private Discord Server.

Exclusive Discounts

Members of The Cunning Circle get discounts on products at Vermillion Herbals as well as one-on-one services with Molly.

Access to Call Recordings

Never worry about missing a thing! Members have access to all current (and past!) call recordings of Rituals, Workshops, Book Club, and more!

Yearly Retreat

Members get Invitation & access to our yearly retreat (Coming soon – Dependent on current world circumstances)


Frequently Asked

Can I join The Cunning Circle at Any Time?

No. The Cunning Circle only opens its doors to new members Seasonally. Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter.

Be sure to sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when the Circle opens again. 

What is the Investment for The CUnning Circle?

$47 for a Monthly Subscription


Of course! You are free to leave the membership at any time and are able to cancel your membership directly through your “My Account” portal.

There are no refunds for payments already submitted on monthly memberships so be sure to cancel your membership prior to your renewal date.

You can email me at [email protected] with any questions or cancellation needs.

Will There Be price increases to my membership?


As long as you remain a member in good standing, the membership price that you signed up at remains the same, even if the membership prices increase. 

If you decide to leave the Circle and come back at a later time, you will need to sign up at the current membership price.


This is truly up to you! You can participate for as much or as little as you like. 

You have access to all of the membership resources and the community as long as your account is in good standing.

For the most part, The Cunning Circle is self-paced, so you can work through the content at your own pace. There are monthly Rituals, Book Club, & Special Events that are held live via video, but they are recorded.

As a general estimate, one might invest  1-4 hours per week interacting with the lessons and community, but it will vary from person to person. 

Are these Rituals, Workshops, & Clubs in-Person?


This is entirely an online community and membership.

We hope to have a once a year in-person retreat at some point, but that will depend entirely on the world COVID situation.

What If I am unable to attend Live?

All Rituals, Book Clubs, & Special Events will be recorded so that members can access them when their schedules allow.

Who is this membership **NOT** For?

People who:

  • Are looking for a women’s exclusive space.
  • Are only interested in a Circle that connects only with Gods/Goddesses as a basis for magic
  • Are not open to exploring a Wheel of the Year system that isn’t based on the Celtic one.
  • Are not able to Respect other’s perspectives, belief systems, expressions, and experiences.
  • Are TERFS
  • Racists and Bigots. There is no tolerance for hate or racism in this circle.

We are a FIRM believer that Black Lives Matter, Trans rights are Human rights, Feminism is intersectional, Love is Love, No Human is Illegal on Stolen Land, Magic and Science can co-exist, and your witchcraft is bullshit if it doesn’t include justice work.

What are Cunning Folk/ Cunning Traditions?

From Witchipedia “Cunning folk are professional magical practitioners of Europe. They use a variety of magical techniques to serve their clientele providing magical protection, midwifery, healing, divination to find lost people and things and the source of and solution to problems, matchmaking, and hex breaking.

Cunning folk do not tend to subscribe to a specific magical tradition or rely on single methods but seek out knowledge of and experiment with a variety of techniques to serve their clientele best. They may use astrology, herbal lore, alchemy, ceremonial-magick, dream work, astral projection, sympathetic magick, prayer and various divination techniques all blending with whatever brand of folk magic they were raised with.”

In this Circle we strive to be inspired by the Cunning Folk and Folk Magic practitioners of the past (and present!) and bring it into our modern practices.


Are you open to skeptics? People who are searching? Those of us who are "Witch curious"?

Yes! As long as you come in with an open mind, be respectful of the community and the members within it and a true desire to learn, you are more than welcome.

Is this a Women's only space?


Membership is open to all folx who wish to join.

Will we be celebrating the Sabbats/Wheel of the Year?

Yes and No.

We will not be focusing on pantheons of specific gods/goddesses, Sabbats, or any one particular lineage, but it will be Euro-focused as this is my background. Our celebrations are based on Equinoxes, Solstices, Lunar Cycles and the nature and seasons around us.  This is so everyone can come together to focus on a broad scale of folk magic without accidental appropriation or following traditions people don’t feel aligned with while also still being able to connect with whatever deities they would like in their personal practices.

Please note that this will be Northern Hemisphere focused.

Is this a Coven?


This is a Circle that joins together in magic and ritual. We do not have formal rules, hierarchies, and systems like many typical Covens do.

Is this an Online Witchcraft School?

No. It’s not an official school per se.

The main focus is a community that joins together in magic and ritual and celebration. With that said, there are Montly Magic Lessons, Guest Workshops, as well as workshops & crafting led by Molly.


Are there any pre-requisites?


All levels are welcome!

What if my question isn't answered here?

You can email me at [email protected] with any questions

What Members are Saying

Molly’s Cunning Circle was exactly what I needed! I love the self paced format, in addition to the multiple varied ideas for working with the season in the Monthly Magic session!


I truly enjoy how comprehensive each Monthly Magic is. I love that I get to connect to multiple touchpoints each season or pick and choose what feels right that month. Thank you for all your hard work Molly. What a value to my practice and my pocketbook.

Jenny T.

The community of which we are a part, that we hold, is part of the recipe that creates each of us. It is important in helping one achieve and sustain optimal overall health and wellbeing. The Cunning Circle is part of my community. As a nature lover and herbalist interested in lunar cycles, astrology and the elements, I have often connected with Spirit and seen and felt ‘god winks’ or ‘divine presence/intervention’ in my life. I meditate often, work with crystals, Tarot and angel cards, and feel my body and mind calm when I’m in the woods or my garden. In spite of all this, I’ve not known where to start, or how to cultivate a connection to magic. My inner witch knew The Cunning Circle was a safe place where I could explore this with guidance and learn from others.

Molly McClellan empowers, inspires and uplifts circle members to walk their own paths as they explore what resonates with them. Her creativity and passion has brought us such interesting guidance and powerful practices (meditation, movement, mindfulness, magic and so much more) each month. She offers a wealth of information that, to be honest I have yet to get through in its entirety. That which I have worked on has opened my eyes to ‘ah-has’ and snippets of information that I’ve been able to incorporate into my daily life and spiritual practices. I can not wait to continue to explore my ancestral traditions and to continue the practices that resonate with me. 
Elizabeth Willett, MA

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