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      Julie-Anne Ivary

      Hello Brave Souls,

      I’m terrified to actually write this. maybe it’s in the wrong place. maybe you’ll think I’m nuts. Maybe you’ll laugh at me. But just maybe…. maybe you’ll understand….

      I can feel the energy of something greater than me actually flowing in and around me – even just sitting here at my desk typing, I can feel so many energies all around me. People, things, places, sounds – they all have energy. They ARE energy.

      What the heck am I feeling and what do I do with it???

      I’ve meditated on and off about 17 years now but back in September 2019 something seriously happened while I was doing a deep chakra cleanse and balancing meditation. Some energy force snaked its way from my root chakra, pierced all the others, and practically exploded out the top of my head. Since then everything is just so much stronger! I have senses that nobody ever talked about in school. Everything vibrates and I can feel it and hear it.

      When I dance or do yoga stretches I can sort of roll the energy around my body and it just feels amazing.

      I have also been compelled to do some deep journaling. I’ve filled up 6 notebooks in the last year and a half and I can see so clearly my own ego structure. I’ve been healing some core wounds from childhood – not just covering them up but actually feeling the old stangnant energy dissolve away. I can now observe when emotions arise in me – I feel them before I respond and I find it fascinating to just observe as the emotions rise up in me and are washed away.

      I reached out to Molly and am now reaching out to all of you. I’m mostly terrified of people but I also realize that my true self is that shy little bit of energy that has been burried deep inside. It is time for me to reach out and look for companionship and love and connection and possibly even some guidance.

      I want to learn everything and I’ve bought and read so many books. Now I think it’s time to try to talk to a few select other humans who might not look at me like I’m crazy…. I’m hoping this might be where i find you…

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      Firstly, you are NOT nuts.

      I love this!! Yes there IS energy in EVERYTHING and it’s fantastic that you have done so much work connecting with the energies as well as the deep healing and can sense them swirling about within you and around you.

      What would you like to do with the energy? What calls to you? What subjects have you been reading on? Do they resonate and are they something that you want to continue exploring or do they not and you’re looking for different subject matter to explore more?

      What do you want to talk about? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? 🙂

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      Julie-Anne Ivary

      HA! You say I’m NOT crazy?!? Thank you – I am encouraged to go deeper with sharing my inner world….

      None of the many books I’ve read have touched on what I am experiencing when I HEAR the energetic frequencies around me. I listen for it and allow it in, and then I feel it everywhere in my energetic body. Sometimes when i listen to it – fully formed ideas and knowledge is suddenly clear to me.

      This HEARING is the way I consciously and immediately connect. I can do it any time and any where…. At least, when I remember to.

      I want to understand more of what I am doing, how am I sensing this energy, and what is the energy I’m sensing? It feels AMAZING.

      How to I develop this hearing? What IS this? How do I learn more?

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        What you’re describing sounds like “Clairaudience” – the power or faculty of hearing something not present to the ear but regarded as having objective reality

        Does that seem right?

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      Julie-Anne Ivary

      That does seem right. That word has come up often in google searches and books – but so far I have not been able to hove the kind of confirmation I think I’m wanting. Are you aware of any in depth books or actual human people I could have a conversation with about this subject to fully disect it and get into depth of details?

      It happened again this morning in my meditation where the humming got louder and higher pitched and my whole being quivered and this super insightful sentence was just somehow planted in my brain – it didn’t come from me as I was deep in a state of no-mind in my meditations.

      “Secrets are the energetic walls behind which our true selves hide.”

      That sentence is so pertinent to the Shadow Work I am doing right now – but it didn’t come from ME. I’d like to learn who or what is telling me these things and how to open myself up to more of these messages.

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      Julie-Anne Ivary

      Thank you SO MUCH Molly! I’ve ordered both of the above books and will start there – likely reaching out to Danielle if and when i get brave again. 🙂

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      Elizabeth Willett

      Julie-Anne, I don’t think you’re crazy either. I think you’re incredibly in tune, intuitive and clairsentient.

      When reading through your posts, I was reminded of something Molly has told me in the past re: my nerves/anxiety that is to help the butterflies fly in formation …
      May you find ways to help your energy and the energies you feel “fly in formation”, as well as ways to use the gift you have in a fulfilling way.

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