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      Our special event for Taurus Season is a GIVEAWAY!! I am giving away one of my “The Fool” Tarot Ritual Bathing Kits to one lucky member that participates in the Monthly Magic lesson and shares their experiences here on this thread.

      To be eligible, you must complete the Taurus Monthly Magic lesson and then answer the questions/share your experiences here! Giveaway OPENS on April 19th and a single winner will be chosen at random from members who participate on that thread & announced on May 19th!

      How have you incorporated the Energies of Taurus Season into your life/practice?
      What unexpectedly resonated with you?
      What was the most important “a-ha!” or takeaway from the season for you?

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      Elizabeth Willett

      I’m just a smidge early in posting, but to be frank I’m done with how “meh” I’ve felt this season. I totally didn’t let myself go “0-60” in Aries season (I tried a few times, but was interrupted by being needed in my mom role) and was so excited for Taurus season so I could feel more at ease pausing and playing… excited until getting dragged into the “mud” many of us have collectively felt we’ve been drug into. So, with this “meh” energy overpowering me more than I expected, I have been trying hard to “wear the right clothes” (do ppl. in CO say that winter isn’t so bad when you “wear the right clothes”? Minnesotans say versions of this all the time to try to talk ourselves our of succumbing to the emotions of -20*F below zero) to pause and play more.

      It’s pretty easy to play with kids, especially my sons. We have spent oodles of time in nature, exploring familiar creek/river beds for whatever new rocks winter snow melt washed up and even team sports (a new thing for my kids … an I still am a smidge shocked I’m allowing it while we’re still living through this pandemic). The sun shining more is glorious, still the Spring grey days can quickly make me “meh” again. So, on grey days, I paused a lot.

      While not entirely unexpected, I was reminded of how being in the woods, outside, or having my hands in dirt truly does help me shut of the highlight real that happens in my mind and unwind even if for a short time. How is it that an herbalist can stray from this selfcare tool and kinda forget? (insert shrug emogi)

      I started an art project by taking out one sheet of water color paper, selecting a photo and watercolors, but that’s it. Meh!

      As far as manifesting and goals and dreams, is it okay to have just let that all sit? Can you say pause?

      I’m realizing too that I may need to give it an ounce more of effort, which I hope to do now as my gig as teacher’s assistant with two distance learners is about to end.

      In a nutshell, Liz has been all over the place, up and down and sideways.
      The “ah-ha” really for me has come from being mindful of that. When I’m mindful and stop trying to control it all, the emotions and feelings come and then just go (I think I’m learning something from my meditation practice ;-)). Oh, and my gut is rarely wrong.

      Thanks for reading this Liz journal entry!

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        I love the “ah-ha!” that you had in Taurus season. How is it feeling now that we’ve moved into Gemini?

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      Laura Cox

      During this Taurus season I have felt pretty stuck in the mud. On the days that I have energy I have gone for hikes. I have enjoyed seeing the first sprigs of grass emerges, and I have come across many Mountain Blue Birds! I have also taken this time to finish crocheting a baby blanket for a friend.

      I was so excited to get started on so many projects for this spring that my spending got away from me for a hot minute. My husband and I have been over indulging on take out. It’s been hard to get up the energy to cook this Taurian season. I have just felt so drained most days.

      I performed the Taurus season candle spell to bring me more prosperity. I have been feeling like I have been dragging my shoes about applying for a new job. I feel after our New Moon ritual that I have the courage to put myself out there. During our meditation my spirit guide wished for me to practice more magic in my daily life. Bringing more beauty and awe into everyday life. She also wished for me to connect more with my ancestors.

      I flipped the switch on regular old brewing of tea and cooking of meals. I have started blessing the water and herbs before brewing the tea. I have also started lighting a hearth candle anytime I cook or brew tea.

      I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the first four chapters of Honoring your Ancestors. It has made me really think and research my ancestors more. I currently have an ancestor altar. I am learning new ways to honor my ancestors and interact with them on a more regular basis.

      I was not really sure the Taurus throat spray would be fore me. I was happily surprised when I first tried it. I am in love with it. This really makes me wonder what else I have been missing out on creating.

      My “Ah-ha” moment for me was realizing that I can create beautiful and amazing things with magic and herbs that I can use on a daily basis. As well as learning to get over being scared of putting myself out there. It’s not worth the time and emotional drain to think of all the what if’s and worry about being turned down for a job. I just need to roll with it, and see where this next chapter of my life takes me.

      I wish you all the best and I look forward to next season!

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        I’m so excited that you were able to flip the switch and incorporate magic into the daily! How is that going?

        YASSS for trying the throat spray. I’m so happy that you took a leap and were rewarded with that 🙂

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      Amanda Stow

      I feel a little guilty, because I haven’t felt stuck in the mud like many others. In fact, I never really got the 0 to 60 feeling in Aries, and that was when I felt stuck in the mud. It’s now that I’m feeling the 0-60.

      The way I’ve incorporated the Taurus energy is to work a lot with my voice. Where I was feeling stagnant in Aries, I feel is because I wasn’t communicating with my voice. With the encouragement of this month, I’ve spoken up about what is bothering me, both at work and in my personal spaces.

      That is what has been surprising. I usually hold my voice in, but since I was able to release my voice, things have felt better. I think maybe this is the biggest a-ha moment for me. Sometimes it’s okay to say no, because then you can say yes to other things. And it’s not just good for you, but for others. At risk of sounding selfish, by saying no, I think it will actually provide better opportunities for others.

      I’ve also used the energy of this season to get back into creative endeavors. Both in the sense of working with my hands, but also nurturing myself. I restarted an embroidery project I had on hold. And I’m engaging in the visual arts for the first time in a long time (years). I’m in a class for building toy theaters and I’ve signed up for a couple of art history classes (which will include tangible projects). I had let people tell me I wasn’t good enough, I can’t do art, but now I’m creating for me. I’m not sharing much, because I don’t want people to take away this power of confidence I feel is growing. Is that Taurus stubbornness?

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        Certainly could be the Taurus stubbornness and NO need to ever feel guilty for honoring what you are experiencing!

        I LOVE that you’re using your voice more and feeling courageous! How is that going?

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      Jenny Taylor

      How have you incorporated the Energies of Taurus Season into your life/practice?
      This season has been all about finding my voice. It’s been a good practice since I usually struggle with this. And I feel like my Taurus emergy is pretty balanced this year. I’m exploring why I feel that way and how it’s been different from other months when I feel unbalanced as the season starts. One simple reason could be because it’s an Earth sign witch (heehee) always feels good.

      What unexpectedly resonated with you?
      I really have enjoyed the work and reading about ancestors and having a voice with them. Something I’ve wanted to deepen and understand for many years now.

      What was the most important “a-ha!” or take away from the season for you?
      I feel it’s important to have a voice when it’s relevant, timely, important, etc. Not just to talk for talking’s sake. There’s a balance there that I’m working on and the monthly magic this season has totally help me on that path.

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        First off, I would be remiss to not say that I love your use of formatting… 🙂

        I think that it’s great that you felt at home and in balance! Huzzah! How is it feeling now that you’re settling into the ancestors work.

        Wonderful observation regarding having a voice when it’s relevant. How is traveling down that path going? Has it changed now that we’ve moved into Gemini?

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