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      Morgan Billingsley

      Hi all! I am SO excited because I just got my first ever deck and I was curious what tips/suggestions/resources you all had for getting started or getting the know the deck or just general tarot wisdom. Thanks!

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      Elizabeth Willett

      Just wanted to say, I’m following and interested what others have to say too. 😉

      Some things I’ve realized for myself (I’m newish too and am learning as I go… I happened upon two decks that called to me and was gifted another after years of angel/oracle card use) are:
      ~ Answers more freely come to me when I ask open-ended questions if I am asking questions. Often I just ask for guidance in a certain area.
      ~ Any tarot card(s) that comes to me offers guidance and I still have free will (sometimes messages don’t immediately resonate and that’s okay)
      ~ Fear not. Negative isn’t something I allow in or myself to feel. I somehow feel and channel positive in most cards that come to me most of the time. It’s rare for me to get a “oh-sh*t” feeling from any card. And I can’t explain why or give tips for how to feel the same… sorry!
      ~ If something throws me for a complete loop or happens to give me an “oh sh*t” feeling, I reach out to a Tarot friend for some insight. So far, this has helped every time.
      ~ I think messages and Tarot are in part meant to challenge my beliefs, which can often be driven by ego.

      Enjoy this process!

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        Morgan Billingsley

        Thank you so much for the advice! I definitely resonate with the cards challenging beliefs – it’s been such a good way to reflect on myself.

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      YAS! Which deck did you get?

      I like to put my new decks under my pillow for a couple of nights and carry them around with me so I connect to the deck and the energy of the deck.

      I find the easiest way to get started is just by doing a simple single card pull every day and asking “what do I need to know about today?”

      You can also do 3 card pulls daily if you want more specifics. There are some sample 3 card spreads here in our Grimoire: https://thecunningcircle.mollymcclellan.com/grimoire/

      I love Biddy Tarot for easy meanings if you need to go deeper than the little book that comes with it: https://www.biddytarot.com/tarot-card-meanings/

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        Morgan Billingsley

        I got The Herbcrafters Tarot (classic permie) and have loved being able to connect with the messages from the plants and herbs each card represents. And it’s absolutely beautiful! I have come across Biddy Tarot in my research so that’s great to know it’s a good source!

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          YAY! A fantastic permie choice <3

          Just let me know what other questions come up. I LOVE tarot questions!

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