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      Kimberly Switzer

      Hi there! I was curious if anyone has looked into what I think are the 3 main points before getting deeper in to positions and houses etc.

      I’m an Aquarius with a rising Aires with moon in Sagittarius

      I definitely do see all 3 with my rising really showing with my temper lol
      My Aquarius really gives me my caring creative yet aloof nature and my Sagittarius really gets me thinking

      What is everyone else? And thoughts?

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      I’m a Pisces Sun, Pisces moon, and Capricorn Rising. In a very general and broad sweeping strokes, I typically see my sun and my “north star”, my moon as my emotions and how I emotionally process stuff, and the rising as how other people see me and how I actually get shit done. I completely relate to them and see how they play out in my daily life and how I move though life in general.

      If it’s helpful, the positions of the houses and planets actually give more depth to how they play out in your personality. Essentially, the planets represent “What”. So what kind or the type of energy expressed. The zodiac signs represent “How”. Essentially, how the energy is expressed and then the houses of the zodiac represent the “Where” as in the areas of life the energy will play out.

      I really like the Co-star app that dives deeper into what the signs mean and where. (The chart function is amazing, the daily insights are bullshit and often cruel, IMHO)

      So, I say dive deep and go for it if you want to have a full and well rounded meaning about what that Sag means 🙂

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