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      Show me your decks! What are your current favorite tarot or oracle decks?

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      Joanna Dubisher

      My favorite deck right now is my Ophidia Rosa deck by Leila and Olive. I do have all three of their decks and can’t wait for the Ad Orbita deck to be released later this month. I do also love all of the Wild Unknown decks, particularly the Animal Spirit one that was gifted to me. My Osho Neo Tarot deck is my most prized possession. It’s out of print, though you can still find something in print under this name when you search it, but it’s not the right deck. It’s a deck of stories and it always speaks the most clearly when I have a direct question (which isn’t often) or during a special time of year.

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      Ember James

      Those are the next ones I want to get!!!

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      I still can’t get enough of the Three Trees Tarot and the Spacious Tarot right now!

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      Ember James

      I’m currently using the Wild Unknown Tarot and I’ve used the Lumina Tarot some. I have a ton of other decks that I really should pull out and play with more.

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      Joanna Dubisher

      The Light Seer’s tarot is one that a friend has and it’s gorgeous. I’ll have to get that one some day…

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      Hello, I’m Amanda and I’m a divination deck addict.

      Current favorite decks are Sacred Bee Tarot (vivid colors and the proceeds go to saving the bees), the Wayhome Tarot (gorgeous imagery) and the Marigold Tarot (gold skeleton based cards that shuffle beautifully).

      Favorite oracle decks right now are Inquire Within and Unsacred Oracle.

      Decks on my wishlist are the Memento Mori oracle, the Ad Orbita Tarot, and the Star Seeker Tarot.

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        Oooh! I’m going to have to check those out! Those are all new to me!

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