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      Amanda Stow

      Hello, I wasn’t sure where else to post this question…so miscellaneous it is!

      I have a question about creating an altar. What do you do when you don’t have space to keep an altar up permanently?

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      Joanna Dubisher

      What this reminds me of a bit is Travel Altars, which I was first introduced to by RB. Essentially have a box that is big enough to contain everything you want it to and decorating it, or not (most of the time I’m more of a function over design, but sometimes it’s nice to cover it in pretty paper if it’s a reused shoe box).

      I recommend doing a google search for travel altars and checking out the images section to get some ideas.

      RB’s Travel Altar

      Good Luck! xo.

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        Amanda Stow

        Thank you! This sounds perfect!

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          Amanda Stow

          I have a follow question…after looking on Google (RB link was broken, couldn’t see her’s), it looks like people are just packing what they need for an altar. My question, is there a difference if your items move around instead of always being in the same place. Do you have to have have special fabric or a desk? Is it okay if you have to use your floor?

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            Great Questions!

            Here are some of my thoughts 🙂

            Windowsills are great places for mini altars, travel altars are perfect for this like Joanna mentioned, and you can set them out anywhere. It’s totally traditional in some traditions to have altars on the floors, so no worries about that. In addition, I’ve known some people that have closet altars, where they are able to set up sacred space there.

            Altars are pretty personable and widely variable. Mine are never the same. I change cloths all the time as well as move items about until they tell me to stop or I find it visually pleasing. Another option is a lovely tray that you can set up and carry around.

            You do not have to have anything special, but I do find that once I use something for an altar, I typically just continue to use it for that.

            Perhaps this should be my Q&A lesson for Aquarius…what do you think?

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              Amanda Stow

              This was very helpful! And I think it would be lovely for the Aquarius Q&A!

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