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      Share how your Aquarius season went with the Circle HERE to win Marcella Krolls BRAND NEW (and mostly sold out) Dreamers Tarot! Be sure to include what you did, how you felt, and important take aways! Giveaway begins January 19, 2021 and winners will be randomly drawn February 17, 2021

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      Christine Kennedy

      I have started working with rosemary for my Aquarius season. Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean. I grow rosemary year round in my kitchen & garden. Rosemary assists in a peaceful home, memory, strength & protection. My focus is on rosemary this season due to my family, specifically: clear and calm communications. Things have been peaceful but I don’t feel like we are hearing each other. I forget everything when I’m flustered, so I hope rosemary can help me with my memory during conflict!

      I also made a witch ball that included: rosemary, orange peel, crystal quartz and labradorite. Orange assists with mental clarity and luck! My new witch ball is hanging in my work studio, I love it. It reminds me of my sisters in this group as well. I’m sending you all blessings for a prosperous Aquarius season!

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        I love love love all of this! Rosemary is WONDERFUL for this and I love the lavender under the pillow. Is it helping?

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      Christine Kennedy

      I forgot to add that I’m sleeping with lavender sachet under my pillow to help with Aquarian energies

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        Jenny Taylor

        Great idea! I’m totally doing that tonight.

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      Joanna Dubisher

      This season I made the lavender sensory scrub. I don’t know that I did a great job slowing down during the making and using of the scrub (I got 2 uses out of the 1 cup batch), but I did feel calmer and more content with my skin fully hydrated the past few weeks. Keeping up on scrubs like that every other week has always been a goal of mine, especially in winter in Colorado and I definitely see how it now benefits my mood as well as my skin.

      The “Legs Up the Wall Pose” was definitely a great suggestion for this month. Five minutes usually turned into 15-30 minutes in this pose, usually with cats deciding my belly or side was a good place to nap which upped the relaxation factor! I would like to get into a habit of doing this pose for at least 5 minutes after the workday ends in order to transition from work to home time. I’m finding that not having a commute anymore (while I LOVE not having one), did play a purpose in my mental transition time from workday to home time.

      what you did, how you felt, and important take aways

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        I love love love these observations!Thank you for sharing!!

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      Jenny Taylor

      My season has been all up in that air business so I’m taking time to ground back in.

      All about the lavender! Inspired by Christen’s post, I have a lavender pouch under my pillow now. I usually have very active dreams so I’m setting the intention for some calming energy. I also have a chamomile/lavender tea that I just love… bitter and delicious.

      Tapped into the body with your flow Molly and I’m doing a daily 15 min yoga practice before I start my day.

      Also have incorporated a daily tarot card pull to set some intentions for the day ahead.

      I look forward to our ritual on Thursday and seeing all your lovely faces!

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        LOVE this! How is the lavender under the pillow going? Is it helping with the whackadoodle?

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      Jenny Taylor

      Last night it seemed to help. I also set some intentions before drifting off.

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