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Great question! I think that it is helpful to have a health doubt or skepticism in all we do, to be honest!

Do you know where the doubt is coming from? Is it a doubt in the existence and ability of magic itself, is it a doubt in your ability to do magic, or is it something else?

When doing magic there has to be a “trust” in the magic/manifesting/spell AND the single clear intention of what you want. It is helpful to be specific, but not so specific that it chokes every opportunity for serendipity and for things to happen FOR you. I was taught that when we get overly specific or write back-up plans, it doesn’t allow for the magic to actually happen in the way it is supposed to. If you do a back-up, it’s muddling the direct intention of the spell so the energy really doesn’t know which way to go. It’s like having 2 targets, but only one arrow….if that makes sense. You want to make sure that your OUTCOME is specific but not all of the steps in-between on how that outcome comes to be. This is REALLY hard for a type A/list making/control-freak like me, to be honest, but I have learned to let go and trust…most of the time LOL

Spells aren’t 100% guaranteed to work and sometimes they need to be re-worked/re-spelled multiple times. Much like everything in life, it’s rare that we get things perfect the first time, but with practice and re-focusing of intent, we can hit our mark.

Often, I find that one day I suddenly realize that I actually got EXACTLY what I asked for, just not in the way I thought it might be. It wasn’t a route/steps I would have chosen, per se, but the end result was what I had wanted.

I hope this is helpful and I’m here to help clarify or continue the conversation! 🙂