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Jenny Taylor

How have you incorporated the Energies of Taurus Season into your life/practice?
This season has been all about finding my voice. It’s been a good practice since I usually struggle with this. And I feel like my Taurus emergy is pretty balanced this year. I’m exploring why I feel that way and how it’s been different from other months when I feel unbalanced as the season starts. One simple reason could be because it’s an Earth sign witch (heehee) always feels good.

What unexpectedly resonated with you?
I really have enjoyed the work and reading about ancestors and having a voice with them. Something I’ve wanted to deepen and understand for many years now.

What was the most important “a-ha!” or take away from the season for you?
I feel it’s important to have a voice when it’s relevant, timely, important, etc. Not just to talk for talking’s sake. There’s a balance there that I’m working on and the monthly magic this season has totally help me on that path.