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Amanda Stow

I feel a little guilty, because I haven’t felt stuck in the mud like many others. In fact, I never really got the 0 to 60 feeling in Aries, and that was when I felt stuck in the mud. It’s now that I’m feeling the 0-60.

The way I’ve incorporated the Taurus energy is to work a lot with my voice. Where I was feeling stagnant in Aries, I feel is because I wasn’t communicating with my voice. With the encouragement of this month, I’ve spoken up about what is bothering me, both at work and in my personal spaces.

That is what has been surprising. I usually hold my voice in, but since I was able to release my voice, things have felt better. I think maybe this is the biggest a-ha moment for me. Sometimes it’s okay to say no, because then you can say yes to other things. And it’s not just good for you, but for others. At risk of sounding selfish, by saying no, I think it will actually provide better opportunities for others.

I’ve also used the energy of this season to get back into creative endeavors. Both in the sense of working with my hands, but also nurturing myself. I restarted an embroidery project I had on hold. And I’m engaging in the visual arts for the first time in a long time (years). I’m in a class for building toy theaters and I’ve signed up for a couple of art history classes (which will include tangible projects). I had let people tell me I wasn’t good enough, I can’t do art, but now I’m creating for me. I’m not sharing much, because I don’t want people to take away this power of confidence I feel is growing. Is that Taurus stubbornness?