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Laura Cox

During this Taurus season I have felt pretty stuck in the mud. On the days that I have energy I have gone for hikes. I have enjoyed seeing the first sprigs of grass emerges, and I have come across many Mountain Blue Birds! I have also taken this time to finish crocheting a baby blanket for a friend.

I was so excited to get started on so many projects for this spring that my spending got away from me for a hot minute. My husband and I have been over indulging on take out. It’s been hard to get up the energy to cook this Taurian season. I have just felt so drained most days.

I performed the Taurus season candle spell to bring me more prosperity. I have been feeling like I have been dragging my shoes about applying for a new job. I feel after our New Moon ritual that I have the courage to put myself out there. During our meditation my spirit guide wished for me to practice more magic in my daily life. Bringing more beauty and awe into everyday life. She also wished for me to connect more with my ancestors.

I flipped the switch on regular old brewing of tea and cooking of meals. I have started blessing the water and herbs before brewing the tea. I have also started lighting a hearth candle anytime I cook or brew tea.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the first four chapters of Honoring your Ancestors. It has made me really think and research my ancestors more. I currently have an ancestor altar. I am learning new ways to honor my ancestors and interact with them on a more regular basis.

I was not really sure the Taurus throat spray would be fore me. I was happily surprised when I first tried it. I am in love with it. This really makes me wonder what else I have been missing out on creating.

My “Ah-ha” moment for me was realizing that I can create beautiful and amazing things with magic and herbs that I can use on a daily basis. As well as learning to get over being scared of putting myself out there. It’s not worth the time and emotional drain to think of all the what if’s and worry about being turned down for a job. I just need to roll with it, and see where this next chapter of my life takes me.

I wish you all the best and I look forward to next season!