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Johanna Daggett

Hello all! My name is Johanna, but I go by Josie. Pronouns are she/her.

I am currently living in Paradise Valley, AZ, which is the land of the Pima (Akimel O’odham) and the Maricopa (Piipaash) people who are still present and active in the community, educating and keeping their culture alive.

I can remember back into childhood having experiences and encounters that I now know were Spirit and beings reaching out to me, but unfortunately, being raised in a conservative religious environment I felt forced to shut down that side of myself out of fear and shame.

Years ago, after leaving the religion behind, I was put in the path of many wonderful people who slowly helped me realize that I am indeed a Witch and how to harness and express that. I am grateful to those who guided me on this path.

My practice went dormant for awhile, during which many people and situations fell away. After a move from WA state to AZ, I have had the last year be a time of intense self-discovery and embracing of who I am, and I am proudly Autistic and ADHD. I firmly believe that being NeuroDivergant is a big part of why I am a Witch and why Magick has always called to me.

When Molly’s IG post came up about the Cunning Circle being open for new members, I knew that it was finally time to dive back into my practice, now with a new acceptance and understanding in myself and how that expresses in my craft.

I am SO grateful to be here with all of you 🙏❤