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Adele Hart

Hi Y’all! Morgan, I love this topic. I just finished doing a 10 week enneagram course where each week we talked about a different type and interviewed people in the class who identify with each number about how they function in the world and in their brain and hearts. I think the enneagram can really help my understand how I function when I’m not being a healthy person to myself and others, as well as help me see what my potential could be if I am mentally healthy. Astrology, while i know significantly less about in a deep sense, I feel like helps me frame current happenings in my life in different ways. Essentially, it challenges me to see what is happening in my life, brain, heart, soul, etc in ways that I hadn’t considered, and the enneagram helps me understand why I do the things that I do, and whether they are helping me become the best version of myself, and how I am being unhealthy.

Additionally, I feel like while astrology helps me understand the energies of people and how they show up to spaces and relationships, the enneagram has really taught me how I can best serve them and show up for them so they feels as comfortable and in their power as possible