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Julie-Anne Ivary

That does seem right. That word has come up often in google searches and books – but so far I have not been able to hove the kind of confirmation I think I’m wanting. Are you aware of any in depth books or actual human people I could have a conversation with about this subject to fully disect it and get into depth of details?

It happened again this morning in my meditation where the humming got louder and higher pitched and my whole being quivered and this super insightful sentence was just somehow planted in my brain – it didn’t come from me as I was deep in a state of no-mind in my meditations.

“Secrets are the energetic walls behind which our true selves hide.”

That sentence is so pertinent to the Shadow Work I am doing right now – but it didn’t come from ME. I’d like to learn who or what is telling me these things and how to open myself up to more of these messages.