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Joanna Dubisher

This season I made the lavender sensory scrub. I don’t know that I did a great job slowing down during the making and using of the scrub (I got 2 uses out of the 1 cup batch), but I did feel calmer and more content with my skin fully hydrated the past few weeks. Keeping up on scrubs like that every other week has always been a goal of mine, especially in winter in Colorado and I definitely see how it now benefits my mood as well as my skin.

The “Legs Up the Wall Pose” was definitely a great suggestion for this month. Five minutes usually turned into 15-30 minutes in this pose, usually with cats deciding my belly or side was a good place to nap which upped the relaxation factor! I would like to get into a habit of doing this pose for at least 5 minutes after the workday ends in order to transition from work to home time. I’m finding that not having a commute anymore (while I LOVE not having one), did play a purpose in my mental transition time from workday to home time.

what you did, how you felt, and important take aways