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Great Questions!

Here are some of my thoughts 🙂

Windowsills are great places for mini altars, travel altars are perfect for this like Joanna mentioned, and you can set them out anywhere. It’s totally traditional in some traditions to have altars on the floors, so no worries about that. In addition, I’ve known some people that have closet altars, where they are able to set up sacred space there.

Altars are pretty personable and widely variable. Mine are never the same. I change cloths all the time as well as move items about until they tell me to stop or I find it visually pleasing. Another option is a lovely tray that you can set up and carry around.

You do not have to have anything special, but I do find that once I use something for an altar, I typically just continue to use it for that.

Perhaps this should be my Q&A lesson for Aquarius…what do you think?