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Morgan Billingsley

Hi All!

My name is Morgan Billingsley (she/her). I am 24 years old living in Denver, Colorado but was born and raised in Virginia and moved after graduating college. I found myself in this circle after I met Molly during our Permaculture Design Course in 2018. Earlier this summer year I started to reflect on how damaging it is that so many of us categorize ourselves as “white” and have no ties to our heritage, traditions, or ancestry. I reached out to Molly for advice on how to begin that journey and she gave me some really helpful guidance. I followed her advice and had been dipping my toes in here and there when I saw her post on Facebook and was SO excited to have an opportunity for a community to learn more. I know next to nothing about magic and rituals but am looking forward to learning from you all and growing in my understanding of myself and my roots.