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Elizabeth Willett


I’m Elizabeth (she/her) from Minnesota, currently living in Mankato, MN.

I believe plants make the best perfumes – I believe there is nothing real about a maraschino cherry – I believe if it comes from a grape it’s good – I believe in afternoon delight – I believe humans could live on bread, cheese, wine, chocolate and avocados – I believe movies are always better with popcorn – I believe in being in the mood – I believe that good juju is the secret ingredient – I believe everything is better when ordered extra dirty – I believe plants heal – I believe in real boobs and fake fur – I believe in pure bred dogs, rescue pooches and pound puppies – I believe in good, good, good vibrations…

I will choose to be happy for no reason, and face the world from that place (most of the time).

I’m a walk-in and consider myself a “beginner” witch. I have an affinity for Tarot that I recently decided to foster. I have fostered my intuition for many years and my gut talks to me more than my ego. I use these tools as herbalist, wellness counselor and mother. I love to garden, walk (especially in the woods) and drink green tea.