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Hi I’m Amanda (she/her) and I live in the Denver metro area. I’m originally from the Texas oil patch and found myself here about 2 years ago.

While I’ve always been more “fluid” in my beliefs (particularly compared to my origins), it’s only been about the last year+ that I’ve formalized my practice. I prefer an eclectic path with pulls towards Tarot and green witchcraft (gardening/herbalism). I’m really excited for winter to be over, because I’m planning to try moon phase planting this next season. While not in a traditional coven, I work closely with two other witches that provides me with a wonderful and supportive environment.

While 2020 has been a sh*t show, my biggest blessing is that it’s given me a chance to dive headlong into something that’s always called to me. Having a chance to solidify and verbalize what’s always been there is such an amazing experience. Thanks for having me! I can’t wait to see what we build.