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Amanda Stow

Hello! My name is Amanda, and use the pronouns she/her.

I don’t have a formal history with witchcraft or magic. I’m what you may call a beginner, but life long practitioner (if that makes any sense). I have a small apothecary in my cupboard (only recently acquired). I only own one Tarot deck and one Oracle deck, and don’t know how to use either. I also adhere to an “organized” religious tradition, which I love. However I’ve always felt a connection to what people call “magic.” I have always loved learning about rituals that incorporated natural elements, folk tradition, and an embrace of the mysteries of our world. I’m so excited to be in this space. If I were to pick any particular practice, I’d say I’m more knowledgable of those from the British Isles. My ancestory (that I know of) is Basque, German, and we believe Welsh.

My favorite season is winter. Walking in a forest at night during the winter is the best! When summer soltice comes around, I’m rejoicing because I know the days are about to get shorter again.